Pro bono work: Posters are Beautiful

Beautiful Posters

Last year in October, I was approached (on twitter) by a not for profit organisation based in North Carolina that helps other national organisations such as Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) by donating funds raised by creating annual shows. These organisations help kids suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy by ‘providing equipment, medical attention, and most importantly, support.’

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Movember, a movement supporting Prostate Cancer

Men of Movember

It’s half way through Movemeber and I am growing a moustache for supporting the cause. Help me by showing your support.

Photo Credit: Movember Foundation

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Work with someone you dont like: HBR Poster

HBR Poster: Work with someone

In our professional lives, sometimes we have to work with people we don’t like. The reason could be anything: from their uncanny and annoying behaviour, to the way they approach their work, or their habit of asking useless questions. So, how can we solve this problem and find a way to create a healthy working relationship with such people? Peter Bregman writes about the reason behind this problem with an unusual solution.

The above poster, under the ongoing Harvard Business Review Poster series, is based on the blog post written by Peter Bregman.

Note: Permission for the use of the content has been granted by HBR for this personal project.

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My Reading Habits and the Medium


I was never a regular reader of books, newspaper, or any other kind of literature in general, until recently. Apart from reading text books to get good marks while studying in school, and then in university, I never thought of reading as fun, or as a source of knowledge.

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Assess the Value of Your Networks: HBR Poster

Access the Value of Your Networks

Even though I work for myself, with no employees or partner, the importance of being a part of a good network has always been beneficial for me. It acts as a platform for professional development by interacting with people and a source of prospective clients. Moreover, through these networks I always look for creative people I can collaborate with.

So today’s poster under Harvard Business Review Poster series is based on the value of Networks, a blog post by Athena Vongalis-Macrow.

Note: Permission for the use of the content has been granted by HBR for this personal project.


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